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The A.L. Navarro Accounting Services has been in business since April 2000 under the leadership of its owner and General Manager, Mr. Aldwin L. Navarro. We provide a full suite of accounting, bookkeeping, taxation and advisory services for businesses in and around Davao City, including clients in some areas nationwide. Equipped with appropriate knowledge, advanced skills and experiences, our leader felt the need to address the increasing demand of external bookkeeping and accounting services to his friends, clients and those in the business world.

We provided our humble beginnings in bookkeeping and accounting services to a few valued clients and friends until they reached a greater number. We regularly deliver on-line business transactions and reportorial compliance with all concerned government agencies. Our services broaden from the basic business related requirements to compilation, tax advisory and planning services. We expand and adapt to the development of new technology in order to address our clients’ present needs promptly and deliver services to both government agencies and private sectors.

We are a growing company with sufficient, competent and experienced work professionals who can handle the different aspects of business-related services. We have a 30-member workforce that is committed to continually investing in our people, ensuring that we can handle the different aspects of business-related services. This is synonymous with the various development programs that we have initiated over the years to support and encourage academic growth of our staff. We continuously offer necessary and specialized trainings to our working force, ensuring they are fully equipped with knowledge and skills essential to their profession. We foster an environment of continuous learning, challenging experiences, and enhances career opportunities.

The A.L. Navarro Accounting Services took a tremendous leap when we were granted ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification last March 10, 2022 by the BQSR Quality Assurance Pvt. Ltd., one of the globally recognized ISO Certification Body. This certification ensures that our services follow the international standards on Quality Management, which aims consistency in our operations, on-time service delivery, enhanced service quality, reduced service deviations and above all, a higher client satisfaction.

“ A.L. Navarro Accounting Services offers a complete package of Accounting & Bookkeeping Services to any type of Business Industry”

Our Services

For over two decades of service, we place a strong emphasis on the most efficient IT systems. We adhere to the latest technological development in order to address our clients’ concerns promptly. We are AL Navarro Accounting Services. We will untiringly exert our services to the fullest.

Our vision

To be the leading organization in the field of accounting and bookkeeping through top quality services, wholistic professional development and social cooperation.

Our mission

To provide accurate and quality works, timely and relevant output with confidentiality to all stakeholders. We development a harmonious, collaborative and rewarding working environment. We ensure compliance to government mandates, rules and regulations to foster a sustainable community.


We are committed to enabling our clients to make informed business decisions through exceptional accounting, taxation, and business management services. Excellence in everything we do is our motto and delighting our clients is our way of life in the organization.

We shall deliver superior service quality by:
• Ensuring continual improvement in our business processes.
• Providing a growth-oriented work environment to our employees.
• Complying with all applicable regulatory requirements.
• Establishing & maintaining a symbiotic relationship with all the stakeholders.

Our Work is Guided by These Core Values:


Mutual Trust



Love for God and the Community

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